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Wavedancer Buttons (so soft) (2) Mommy Sweet Celebration CUSTOM BAITS Coming soon!
Lickety Split Happy Tails Tabby (SOLD) Skylark MLP carry case
Moonstone (2) Sherbet Pony Bride
Peachy (2) NBT Puddles (SOLD) Sparkle Sky Rocket
Cherries Jubilee Peppermint Crunch Sweet Suds (SOLD)
Blossom Baby Heartthrob (bbe) D'nP DJ (2)
Cotton Candy (cf) TE Sweet Stuff
Windy Banana Surprise
Princess Tiffany (SOLD)
Fifi (taf)
Scoops (taf)

Coming Soon (or eventually)
Cherries Jubilee
Baby Frosting
DnP Twirler
Princess Tiffany

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First class shipping for 2 adult ponies is $3.25
First class shipping for 3 adult ponies is $4.00
Priority shipping for up to 4 adult ponies is $5.00
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