Presenting: Me as a pony!

I made this pony to represent myself, and to be my pony persona. Her colors are
my favorite colors, and she was made from a Moondancer that I found in the gutter
when I was a kid. Her symbol took me several tries to get right, but I am pleased
with it. The top part is the LDS Portland, OR temple where my husband and I were
married. "R + R" is written accross the front, because those are our first initials.
Below that are 2 hearts stuck together, and inside each one is the fingerprint of one
of my children. The one with the L is for my older daughter, Liliana. The other has
an N for my younger daughter, Nakita. Marquita Amorosa's hair has not yet been styled,
but eventually it will have soft curls in both mane and tail. Her name means "Loving
Print" in Spanish. I chose a Spanish name for her because I spent 1 1/2 years as a
missionary in Uruguay, and I love the people there, and their language.

Marquita before her makeover:

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